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How VNT Wins Major Deals on Autopilot


VNT Software is the leading provider of monitoring solutions that power Business Service Management (BSM).

VNT’s flagship software product, IlluminIT, generates a comprehensive model of all services in a business and links it to the underlying infrastructure.

A common problem

VNT was looking to enter the US market, selling IlluminIT to SMBs and companies from the Fortune 1000.

There was only one problem – VNT didn’t have an outbound sales team or business development process for North America.

So the company had to set up a new end-to-end sales operation from scratch in order to effectively enter the US enterprise market.

50 +

executive meetings arranged


PoCs delivered

Yair Kolet
VP Business Development, VNT Software

“Northfield achieved outstanding results for our company while leading our North American business development.”

Northfield's end-to-end solution

Northfield was able to build VNT’s outbound sales team from the ground up. This includes hiring, training and managing a US-based sales force.

Northfield also played a central role in choosing the right technologies to support VNT’s sales efforts. From prospecting tools all the way to the right CRM system and presentation software.

In addition, Northfield utilized a large pre-existing network of executive contacts from various verticals. Not only potential clients, but also partners who secured introductions and recommendations that made certain outreach possible.

This was supplemented by a robust research team that quickly produced lists of potential customers and their executives’ contact details.

Lastly, Northfield’s in-house marketing team developed compelling materials tailored to the US market for the newly formed business development team. Personalized emails, graphics and presentations were all handled by Northfield to aid the whole process.

This provided the ideal basis for executing an end-to-end sales campaign.

Results, ROI & future plans

Within just six months, Northfield contacted and persuaded the executives of more than 50 American and Canadian companies to meet with VNT.

Northfield then successfully presented IluminIT at these meetings and led the sales process from start to finish with key accounts.

In the end, VNT was able to grow its customer base and kickstart its US sales operation from scratch. As a an added bonus, they received feedback and data about the North American market to help guide their product and marketing decisions.

Following Northfield’s work, VNT now has a dedicated team in the US. The decision to invest in an office came after the market was validated and the team was built. This helped VNT save thousands and avoid unnecessary risk ahead of launching its product in the US.

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