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Creating a US Lead Gen Program for StoreYa


With more than 200,000 clients, StoreYa is the #1 traffic generator app on the Wix app store based on popularity. The company offers marketing automation solutions in the ad space, reaching millions of consumers worldwide. Their customers are people like online retailers who run multiple ads and test many strategies to achieve high conversion rates.

StoreYa is based in Israel and they wanted to attract interest in the US for their product. That’s where the biggest retailers are and they usually spend a lot on online ads.

The only problem was that StoreYa didn’t have an outbound strategy and process in place. And if you want to get in front of larger players, this is usually the fastest way to get there.

That’s why StoreYa hired Northfield – to develop a lead generation process in the US without having to hire reps or rent a local office.

Eyal Reich

“For the past year Northfield created multiple partnerships with leaders in our field. They always go the extra mile to make things work.”

The Northfield Lead Gen program

The first step in this engagement was gathering all the available information about the market, StoreYa’s product, current and potential customers. That’s very important because it lays the foundation for the messaging and the type of decision makers to go after.

We created a complete buyer profile so now we could search for more people that fit the same criteria. Our in-house research team went out and started to collect everything they could find about potential customers, including their names, roles, phone numbers, and email addresses.

In the meantime, our marketing team drafted new messaging and collateral based on the buyer profile. This included things like presentations and introductory emails for different types of scenarios depending on who we reached out to.

So now we had all the data and collateral to start contacting people at a bigger scale. The goal here was to test how people respond and collect even more information about the market. This initial stage served to benchmark our performance and it gave us a starting point to improve upon.

As part of the engagement, we introduced a weekly status report on response rates, interested parties and all the relevant information we could find about the prospects. This gave us an opportunity to iterate quickly and introduce constant improvements.

At its core, this was the lead generation process that led to some impressive results.

Results, ROI & future plans

By the end of this engagement, StoreYa had a well-oiled lead generation process in place for the US market.

The initial outreach efforts led to interest from top companies in the space including Weberous, Pixel Union, Half Helix, Yext, Endurance, 1and1, TVP, and others.

StoreYa have since added 40,000 new customers to their portfolio. And while this is due to the amazing product and team behind it, we played a crucial part in giving them access to the large US retailers they were after.

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